Effective Use of Guided Visualisation - Guided Meditation For Therapy

Effective Use of Guided Visualisation
( Guided Meditation) For Therapy Course

How To Use Guided Imagery  For Safe Therapeutic Use
in Healing, Coaching and Therapy.

Guided Imagery and Creative Visualisation in Guided Meditations
 can be an extremely self-healing powerful tool used in therapy and healing.

But like many therapuetic tools that trigger
 the conscious and sub-conscious, it is vital that you
learn how to use this tool in a safe and effective way.

In this session you will learn the

Safe Effective Rules of Guided Visualisation (Guided Meditations)
How To Use Guided Visualisation To Encourage Healing
How To Minimise Risk Of Re-Triggering Trauma
How To Create Safer Supportive Scripts
How To Support The Non-Visual Client or Student

In this course I will be sharing many of the things I have learned 
and witnessed using Guided Visualisation for over 28 years as a client, a coach, healer, therapist and counsellor.

We will explore some of the things NEVER 
to do in a Guided Meditation or Hypnotherapy Session.  

And some of the things you should ALWAYS do in a 
Guided Meditation Session.

I will be sharing many simple but POWERFUL words and images
 that can support self-healing when using Guided Imagery
and so much more...

Investment £47
includes live session, workbook and access
to all upgrades and course content online for min 12 months

Live Session Wed 2nd Dec 7.30pm- 9pm UK Time

There will be a recording but I encourage all students to join in on live 

Eileen Burns

Healer, Therapist, Coach, Counsellor

Eileen is a highly dedicated and caring healer, coach and therapist who began studying healing and holistic wellbeing 30 years.
Owner of Stress Coach Training and Spiritual Marketing Club she inspires others through her own  powerful story, her wealth of experience, training and insights.
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