How To Become A Relaxation Therapist, Relaxation Teacher

Sorry our
Accredited Relaxation Therapist Training
⬇️is no longer available ⬇️

 👇 ⬇ but you can access most of the tools and techniques  👇 ⬇

Over 20 Relaxation, Anxiety and Stress Management Techniques  
For Therapists, Healers, Coaches, Health and Medical Professionals.

Eileen Burns
Stress Management Expert ,
Coach, Healer, Therapist & Meditation Teacher
owner of Stress Coach Training
and Spiritual Marketing Club

About Your Main Instructor

Eileen Burns taught Relaxation Tools and Techniques
 in the Local Education, Charity and Health sectors for  over20 years.

A Stress Management Coach specializing in Relaxation Therapy. 

She has taught thousands of clients & students
meditation, relaxation and stress management techniques.